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We welcome divers to take part in our research projects!

Who should join us?

You are diving along the Swedish West Coast on a regular basis and find marine biology interesting. Observe that you do not need any formal marine biological training but you should be a recreational or professional diver.

You want to take active part in Divers & Scientists work and contribute with observations, experience and diving.

Observations can e.g. include seeing: 

  • A nudibranch laying eggs
  • A lobster eating another lobster
  • Unusual or new species
  • Unusual behaviour
  • . . .

Since our knowledge is limited the list can be made very long. Many marine biological observations can only be made by divers and we intend to utilize that and conduct dive based research. We also have a laboratory and an experimental hall with saltwater aquariums where collected organisms can be studied over time under temperature controlled conditions.

What does this mean for you?

You contribute with observations and ideas and if we together find it interesting, Divers & Scientists will apply for funding to start a pilot study or a larger study. You will then be a member of the research group (if you want to).

A project could e.g. investigate concentrations, distributions patterns, age/length distributions, habitats or specific behaviours. We can collect organisms for gut content analyses, genetic, parasitological or experimental studies and much more.

Research group members could have different tasks but most of you would participate in diving and analysing and discussing results. Diving is not free and Divers & Scientists will pay for diving and boat costs.

Would you like to participate?

Good. Please contact us, preferably via our Facebook profiles, or give us a call. Here you can find all our contact details.

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